Fiu Fiu Fiu

What a shitty day I’ve had today…
I already began it by waking up with a totally blue mood. Then, later, at work, we had to make a horribly hard to make lamps (basically because all the pieces were wrongly made).  And then as the “amazing ending” I hurt my finger with the automatic screwing machine (again). Then, when I got  home, I started cooking my lunch but although the fish was defrosting since first hour in the morning, it took like hours in the oven ‘till it was not totally crude. So I finally had lunch at almost 17:00. So I got into a contemplative/vegetal-acting sort of mood for the rest of the evening/afternoon.
And also Lolo is feeling blue because he can’t find any job except as scolarship holder earning almost nothing for a slave work, and I don’t like watching him like that. He deserves everything, he’s so tallented… I’m sure he will find a nice job sooner or later, but I understand how frustrated he must feel after spending 5 years studying a career and finding that when he ends it up.
Tomorrow is finally  friday’s, I think I will sleep my largest siesta ever although I usually wake up feeling shit from it.
Well, time for bed, tomorrow gotta get up soon.


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