Vaya Por dios…

Yesterday, on March 2nd, I, Utada Hikaru, and Kiriya Kazuaki, officially divorced.

To all the people who have supported us until now, we would like to thank you very much. Our apologies for surprising you with the short notice.

We believe that both of us have learned so much and grown up with the 4-year and a half marriage.

While we mutually keep changing, a perception gap on the direction of the future and concept of marriage has gradually emerged between us. The lack of communication in our life, passing each other while both are working internationally, is one big reason as well.

“Though divorce is a pity, it was good that we have met each other” – that is what we talked. As a creator and a dear friend, we hope we can continue watching the growth of each other.

I am looking forward to following Kiriya-kun’s career in the future.

March 3rd 2007 Utada Hikaru

This is to let you know that yesterday I, Kiriya Kazuaki, and Utada Hikaru divorced. Until now I have shared a lot of things with Hikaru and created various kinds of things together. Those are wonderful, treasured memories. However, we think that we were not able to emotionally depend on each other to the end, keeping severity, rigors and loneliness of creation in each other’s heart. Though we came to this conclusion, I sincerely appreciate it that I met Hikaru and spent very happy times together. I am very much concerned about Hikaru’s well-being.

I truly would like to thank all the people who have supported us until now. I hope you will continue supporting Hikaru and her music in the future.

Kiriya Kazuaki March 3rd 2007

La verdad es que normalmente esto me håbría importado un cagado, pero no sé porqué, me ha pillado algo desprevenido y me ha dado cierta penilla… no sé, se les veía tan compenetrados…

Esperemos que ahora no le de por raparse la cabeza y liarse a paraguazos con toda la humanidad.

6 comentarios en “Vaya Por dios…”

  1. Q fuerte, me parece muy fuerte!!!!!!
    Yo seré el separa grupos, pero alomejor tu eres el separa solistas de sus maridos.
    Ya solo me queda entonces, conocer a la Utada, y que se case conmigo.

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