Finally back…

Well, first of all, from now I will try to make any entry in english (Sorry, Felipe & Daniel, you’ll have to make an extra effort). The main reason is ‘cause I came back from London totally amazed of how my english has got worse in quite a few time.

Second: I’m gonna get over it… seriously, I mean, you know, quite a lot of time without any “serious post”. I’ve been too busy trying to get over all the Luis’ shit but, of course, I’ve been tryinna get over it on such a smart way as by watching his pics on my Mac, writing down all the reasons why I suffer so much without him, trying to make him pay attention to me and blah blah blah… I’m seriously getting over it, I just have to.

Third: just a week and have to go back to work… WHY WHY WHY……?

6 comentarios en “Finally back…”

  1. I missed this post somehow. Good luck on your way to recover from your ex. The looking at his pictures… Well, it’s just a phase, and i really think it should become one of the five stages of grief (just before the stalking stage, that’s when you refresh his myspace/fotolog/LJ/whatever every 10 seconds… not that *I* have done it, it’s just some people are creepy!)…
    Burn his pics to a cd, and put it on a safe place

  2. My gosh!
    I stopped by the funny posts so strongly that I didn´t even read this unyil now. I didn´t have the slightest idea of how affected you are about your ex. You haven´t said anything by messenger…
    Well, just be patient… time cures it all.
    By the way, I added a link to your blog from mine, is it ok with you?
    Kisses and hugs.

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